Don't put that in your mouth. Only put FOOD in your mouth.


Boy, what I learn from what I tell my kids. 

     My Dad drilled this one into us when we were kids. Mom would tolerate no thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, nada. So, between the two of them, I developed NO oral fixations.  Just yesterday, as my three year old was chewing on a toy, I heard myself saying what they had told me many times,"Don't put that in your mouth. Only put FOOD in your mouth."
     So, with the Superbowl on the horizon, I'm thinking. "What if I took that advice to heart?" Nothing but FOOD. Real food. So I'm reviewing my typical Superbowl Sunday fare. 

  • Doritos? Not food - some corn in there, but all that other stuff? Have you ever read the label on a bag? Scary, at best. Heck, even Frito's have only three ingredients.  
  • How about that lovely apple dip - it's made with cream cheese (food) and marshmallow whip? - NOT food. Bummer. Maybe apple slices with some peanut butter?  
  • OK, so I usually have veggies with dip, food with not food. Darn. Maybe cream cheese here. Not the fat-free kind, but real cream cheese. 
  • Chicken wings? Food - but what is that stuff slathered all over it? Not food. Surely I can find something that counts as food to make them taste good. 
  • Tortilla chips with salsa - food and food. Guacamole - food. 
     Well, not an all-inclusive list, but I'm sure you get the idea. Ok, so I know that it's an imperfect way to make healthy food choices, but it's definitely something to consider. What are you putting into your mouth this Superbowl Sunday? Is it FOOD?

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