Reaching out

Wow - it's been a long time - and a short summer! :)

Reaching out - what a scary, exhilirating thing to do on God's behalf. I am so glad that He forgives me for doing it badly, and that He uses the effort in spite of me.

My attempt was met with a swift hand slap from the one I reached out to - but in spite of the wounded pride (mine) our relationship continues fairly unscathed as far as I can tell. Definitely a sign that God is/was at work in the situation. (So what if a close relative now thinks I'm a kook! - It's liberating really)

And what a reminder to pray! to PRAY! and my prayer will echo that of the baby church and Apostles,
". . .grant that Thy bondservants may speak Thy word with all confidence. . ." Acts 4:29