No TV!

On Monday I slept in. . . . We got back from our Thanksgiving trip, and I collapsed, having not gotten one good night's sleep the whole time we were gone. Thankfully, my husband pulled am duty with our 13 mo old and let me rest.

I came out to an incredible difference in the living room. . . No TV! Nathan decided to give us a 1 week trial run to see if we could be weaned off the "box".

The most surprising thing that has happened so far, is that I feel a lot more relaxed. I almost feel like I'm on vacation - away from it all. It's just so much more peaceful and low key around here.

It's only day 3, but I already see a difference in our habits and in our household.

For us it was as much about being stewards of our time, which, of course, like everything else we have as Christians, is really God's time. . . .

So, even if the "box" comes back into our lives and our home, I pray that we will honor God with ALL we have - especially our precious resource of time.


Reaching out

Wow - it's been a long time - and a short summer! :)

Reaching out - what a scary, exhilirating thing to do on God's behalf. I am so glad that He forgives me for doing it badly, and that He uses the effort in spite of me.

My attempt was met with a swift hand slap from the one I reached out to - but in spite of the wounded pride (mine) our relationship continues fairly unscathed as far as I can tell. Definitely a sign that God is/was at work in the situation. (So what if a close relative now thinks I'm a kook! - It's liberating really)

And what a reminder to pray! to PRAY! and my prayer will echo that of the baby church and Apostles,
". . .grant that Thy bondservants may speak Thy word with all confidence. . ." Acts 4:29


Sure Salvation

"But I pray to you, O Lord, in the time of your favor, in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation." Ps.69:13

Your salvation is SURE - there is no guesswork. Once you have stepped into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ "It is finished."

We don't step outside our door each morning wondering if gravity will be in effect - it's a given - an absolute.

Salvation is more sure than gravity. Salvation is a product of who God is - gravity is only one of His creations.

Praise be to God whose love is great.


blessings "rained" down

Today is one of those rare rainy days here. It is beautiful, and while it will change the plans we had for today, is a welcome intruder. And even better than the rain today, will be what the rain today prevents (wildfires) and provides (wildflowers).

Rain is so obviously a good thing, especially in the desert Southwest, that it's a great reminder that "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows." James 1:17

The next time I have to change my plans because of something God is pouring down on me, I will remember that it is a good and perfect gift and look forward to what is prevented and to what is provided by it.


Letting Go

The other day I took something away from my 6 month old, because he started to choke on it. A food item - and apparently really tasty, because he started to scream immediately when he realized he no longer had it. (Boy, he has a strong grip)

Now, I planned to give him something even better - safer and cold, too (he's teething right now) and just as tasty. . . . but still he screamed on. Eventually I got him calmed down enough to take the replacement, and at first he sort of half heartedly put it in his mouth, but once he realized what it was, he seemed content with it.

Of course, you know where this is going. There has been talk around here lately of letting go of some things (cable tv, a vehicle, maybe even our house). So far I have been in the screaming and strong grip phase. But this moment with my son reminded me that if I'll just let go, God will give me what's best for me.

It may be that he wants me to keep what I have, it may be that he wants to take it all, but that's not for me to decide. What IS for me to decide is this:

Do I love Him more than I love my "stuff"?

If the answer is, "Yes." then there is no fit. No need for it, just sweet satisfaction in the fact that my loving Father wants to protect me from what will harm me and give me just what I need at this place and in this time.



Easy to Love

My baby was colicky for the first 3 months of his life. So, while I loved him - desperately - it was hard to. I remember thinking during the 5th week, "Boy, it's been 5 weeks now, without a smile or a happy sound. Heck, I'd even be happy with a contented sigh! All he ever does is complain, and cry and fuss."

All of a sudden it hit me. I wondered if that's what God thinks when he looks down on me. All I ever do is complain, and cry, and fuss. I wonder if, like me, he yearns for a smile, a happy sound - or even a contented sigh! I realized how hard I must be to love.

I learned today that God IS love. It is an essential part of His "Godness". Love isn't just a wishy washy emotion for him, like it is for us. It's not even a decision - it's His being.

And boy am I glad.

Now my baby boy smiles all the time, and laughs a lot too. He even just recently started reaching for me. It makes my day. I love it! He is sooooooooo easy to love now. In fact, I can't help but love him.

It makes me want to smile, and laugh, and reach for my God. I want to be easy for Him to love.


The Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel is a must read for new believers. It's amazing to me, and I'm somewhat ashamed to admit, that it took me so many years to study it myself. I became a believer about 13 years ago, and have only just now gotten around to it.

What a testimony to the inerrancy of scripture! Much of what was prophesied by Daniel is now history to us. Every bit of it came true to the letter. . . . Why did I not hear/learn of this before?

It has given me so much confidence in the accuracy of God's word. It has proven to me that God not only wants to communicate with us, but that he has protected his word down through the centuries. God is a planner, he is on the throne and is in charge.

One of my favorite quotes from Daniel, "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are His. He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them."
Very reassuring in times like these.


Time travel - at the park

A couple of days ago I went into town to run some errands. Of course, I had my 5 month old with me, so after a couple of stops, it was time to feed him. We stopped at a park and got out to enjoy the sun, and take his first ride in a swing. It was great fun, he got a kick out of the swing, and since there was no one else there, ate really well too.
While I was sitting there feeding him, a woman pulled up and got out of her car. She was obviously a professional, in fact, she could have been me, only a year ago. She had a notebook with her and was reviewing some documents. I couldn't help but think of the many times, as a sales representative, I had done the same thing; pull up to a park in between business appointments to review things and go over my game plan for the next call. It was a little odd, sort of like traveling back through time and looking at myself. . .
The best part is that I wouldn't take a million dollars to trade places with her. There I sat, enjoying the sunshine, nursing my baby boy, and thinking about what I was going to make my wonderful husband for dinner, sending up prayers of thanksgiving for all God has blessed me with and the radical changes he has made in my life.
How wonderful to be in the will of God, and have him show me so clearly. How amazing that he changes our heart long before he changes our circumstances and truly "gives us the desires of our heart."


Our Provision

My older son turned 16 this summer. If you have a child in that age range, you know what that means. Car-obsession! He talked about cars, shopped for cars, counted the money he was making that summer, calculated fuel costs and insurance (which we make him responsible for), the works. He was a singly minded young man. I watched all his figuring and worrying with a smirk.

You see, I knew what he didn't. My father planned to give him an old Buick for his 16th birthday. So, the whole time my boy was sweating it out, his car was ready to go, sitting in Arizona, just waiting for his birthday. You should have seen the look on his face when my parents pulled up with it on a trailer for him.

Every time I sweat or suffer, or calculate or recalculate for things I want (right now it's a job for my husband) I remember the Buick and know that my Father has planned to give me what I need. It may not be exactly what I have in mind, and it will come on the day He has picked, not sooner, not later. His timing is perfect. His gifts are good. He is our Provision.

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!" Luke 11:13

Update - My husband got a job that is a perfect fit! :) 


In my arms

It's amazing to me how little bothers my baby when he's in my arms. Noises and people who would otherwise upset him, have little effect when I'm holding him tight. In fact, he sometimes even smiles and laughs at things that would have him in tears if he were on his own.
So, next time I'm scared, or in tears, I'll remember that I must not be in my Father's arms, and run right back to him. . . . .


Bodie came home last night. Boy was it great to have him back. He was gone for more than a week and a half. You know, sometimes he goes for days without calling me, but it never diminishes my love for him. In fact, it makes me long for him that much more.

I wonder if that's how God feels about his kids? I know he misses us, but isn't it great that we never get voicemail when we call him. Everytime we try to reach him, there he is. And it's only one step back into His loving embrace - no matter where we've been - or how long we've been gone.


Getting in God's Way

Sometimes when I'm feeding my baby, I get so aggravated because he puts his hands up in the way. He actually sucks on his hands and it prevents him from getting to the only thing that can actually nourish him. Reminds me of me. . . . putting "self" between me and the only thing that can truly nourish me. . . . Him.