Letting Go

The other day I took something away from my 6 month old, because he started to choke on it. A food item - and apparently really tasty, because he started to scream immediately when he realized he no longer had it. (Boy, he has a strong grip)

Now, I planned to give him something even better - safer and cold, too (he's teething right now) and just as tasty. . . . but still he screamed on. Eventually I got him calmed down enough to take the replacement, and at first he sort of half heartedly put it in his mouth, but once he realized what it was, he seemed content with it.

Of course, you know where this is going. There has been talk around here lately of letting go of some things (cable tv, a vehicle, maybe even our house). So far I have been in the screaming and strong grip phase. But this moment with my son reminded me that if I'll just let go, God will give me what's best for me.

It may be that he wants me to keep what I have, it may be that he wants to take it all, but that's not for me to decide. What IS for me to decide is this:

Do I love Him more than I love my "stuff"?

If the answer is, "Yes." then there is no fit. No need for it, just sweet satisfaction in the fact that my loving Father wants to protect me from what will harm me and give me just what I need at this place and in this time.


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