In my arms

It's amazing to me how little bothers my baby when he's in my arms. Noises and people who would otherwise upset him, have little effect when I'm holding him tight. In fact, he sometimes even smiles and laughs at things that would have him in tears if he were on his own.
So, next time I'm scared, or in tears, I'll remember that I must not be in my Father's arms, and run right back to him. . . . .


Bodie came home last night. Boy was it great to have him back. He was gone for more than a week and a half. You know, sometimes he goes for days without calling me, but it never diminishes my love for him. In fact, it makes me long for him that much more.

I wonder if that's how God feels about his kids? I know he misses us, but isn't it great that we never get voicemail when we call him. Everytime we try to reach him, there he is. And it's only one step back into His loving embrace - no matter where we've been - or how long we've been gone.