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my shy, retiring, middle child :) 

I was so encouraged by this post today:


I recently opted out of a women's bible study that presented a conflicting, and I believe unbiblical view of womanhood.

It is so refreshing to see this Biblical view of womanhood being defended and promoted.
Enjoy! And if you are blessed to be a wife and mommy, enjoy your ministry!


new notebook

Perhaps NOTHING more exciting than a clean notebook! Especially when I am using it for Bible Study. (Being pretty doesn't hurt either) So full of possibility!

I wonder what God will teach me here on these pages?

Let the adventure begin! :)

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. 
Phil 1:27


from worthless to valuable

Isn't it funny how something you once thought was worthless suddenly takes on value? For instance, you know those little subscription cards that come in magazines?  Immediately into the trash right? Not at our house anymore. My two year old has started using them as train tickets, distributing and then collecting them while shouting, "All aboard!"

Hee hee hee. Suddenly, we are hoarding what we once discarded without a thought.

Reminds me of me, and of Christians in general. . . .Before God - not really being used for much. After God - used to glorify Him by loving others. . . Our value goes way up. . . . . I can see God selecting us, distributing us out among unbelievers, and then gathering us back up again.

All aboard! :)


1000 things to be grateful for

What  a schmuck!
I quit at 20. . . . .well, I didn't really quit - I have been grateful since my last post here,    really.

Here we go. . .
21.  A beautiful breezy spring day.

22. Celebrating big accomplishments for a two year old - pedaling a tricycle. Yippee!

23. A baby who still takes morning naps.

24. A husband who goes to work even when he doesn't particularly feel like it

25. An older son who is responsible, fun and camping with friends this weekend. eeek!