I may be smelly, dirty, out of shape and disorganized

. . . . or maybe I just have thoughtful friends and family. 

Let me explain. 

I just had a birthday - I hate them. I don't mean that as an insult to my creator or my parents. I am truly grateful to be alive and most days I remember to cherish this life. 

I just feel SO unaccomplished each time another one rolls by. And I HATE to be the center of attention (really). I'm an introvert who learned how to adapt - so I ACT like an extrovert. Exhausting sometimes. 

But I learned the lesson many years ago that being shy was selfish - all I thought about was what other people were thinking of me, instead of focusing on making others feel welcome and at ease around me.  Once you shift to that perspective, it's easy to talk to anyone.

Anywho - for my birthday I received - in random order - workout DVDs, an organizational binder, soap and smell good lotion.  Hmmmmm. Is it just me, or are they trying to tell me something? 

Now, several years ago, that's what I would've been thinking.  I learned this lesson shortly after the "shy" lesson - they're closely related.  My focus had been on ME. What do these gifts say about ME?  When the RIGHT way to look at it is what do they say about the GIVERS? 

It says they are kind, thoughtful humans, who care enough about me to ignore the fact that I hate birthdays and celebrate me in spite of me.  And I LOVE them for it! 


  1. A happy birthday to you my friend... and BOY are you good at being the extrovert, I would NEVER know you struggle with it! Good perspective on being shy. I struggle with it constantly, I struggle with being real and yet not being shy, share your secret on how you've accomplished that one! ;)