Results & Roses

The man who wants a garden fair
  or small, or very big
With flowers growing here and there
Must bend his back and dig

The things are mighty few on earth
  that wishes can attain
Whatever we want of any worth
We've got to work to gain
                       excerpt from Edgar Guest's poem "Results & Roses"

I love the different seasons of the year. I still get goose bumps during back-to-school time, even though I am no longer even remotely connected to the public school system. 
And I love to PLAN and SET GOALS around the beginning of the new year. Dreamin' and schemin', I call it. 
However, I often get to planning so much that I forget to do the actual WORK that would produce the RESULTS I am planning to achieve. 
This poem is a good reminder.  It acts as a good reign on those runaway dreams and eagerly optimistic plans. :) 
After all, what good are plans that bear no fruit? 


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