Starbucks and Submission

Last Sunday morning, my husband got up early to go help my oldest son move some heavy things at his father's house.  So I was left alone with the two littles (2 and nearly 4) to get myself and them all ready for church. 

Not a huge deal, but I had just gotten a haircut that week, and it was the first time I was trying to "do" it myself. That can be a little time consuming . . . . and was. 

Nathan comes breezing back in for a quick change of clothes, smiling and ready to go to church. 

I had managed to get us all ready and was heading toward the door with an armload of all the stuff it takes to sustain the four of us for a few hours away from home. (Bibles, diaper bag, purse, snacks, etc.)

And cast a longing gaze toward the coffeemaker, which I use mostly to brew tea. 

"Can I just have 4 minutes to make myself a cup of tea? Please." I asked Nathan. 

"No, come on there's no time. We'll be late." he responded. 

What? - My husband almost NEVER says no to me. So I'll admit I was caught off guard. But, I bit my tongue while repeating over and over in my head "Submission, submission, submission."

But, on the outside, I was pouting. And stomping. And I may have even slammed my armload of stuff down in the backseat of the truck before putting my 2 year old into her car seat. 

My husband smiled at me across the truck with a sparkle in his eye and said, "Honey, I can't take it any more . I don't want you to be mad. " while handing me a to go cup from Starbucks with my favorite hot and very caffeinated, drink inside. 

Talk about feeling small. HUMILITY. In a big dose. 

Sheesh. I should be nicer to my husband. Even if he HADN'T brought me a drink, was it really worth all that stomping and pouting. I know caffeine is pretty serious - but seriously. 

Have you stomped and pouted lately when God told you "No, come on, there's no time. We'll be late." or something similar? 

Take a deep breath. Remember -  Submission. Submission. Submission. Humility. 
He probably has a better gift just around the corner.

"If you then, who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children. how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" Matthew 7:11

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