No TV!

On Monday I slept in. . . . We got back from our Thanksgiving trip, and I collapsed, having not gotten one good night's sleep the whole time we were gone. Thankfully, my husband pulled am duty with our 13 mo old and let me rest.

I came out to an incredible difference in the living room. . . No TV! Nathan decided to give us a 1 week trial run to see if we could be weaned off the "box".

The most surprising thing that has happened so far, is that I feel a lot more relaxed. I almost feel like I'm on vacation - away from it all. It's just so much more peaceful and low key around here.

It's only day 3, but I already see a difference in our habits and in our household.

For us it was as much about being stewards of our time, which, of course, like everything else we have as Christians, is really God's time. . . .

So, even if the "box" comes back into our lives and our home, I pray that we will honor God with ALL we have - especially our precious resource of time.

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  1. I must say that those great feelings only increase with time!!! We've been "box" free for 3 years now and don't miss it one bit... I'll admit we do still watch movies but they are dvd's of our choice. We never got the digital converter box or whatever it was so all we have is static!