Up and Dressed by 8 AM! ! !

All right, there's a great challenge at likeawarmcupofcoffee.com (tho I'm more of a tea girl, myself) and I DO usually get dolled up every day - understanding that my husband doesn't work in a world of women in sweats with no makeup on and bed head even at 4 pm. . . . . . but sometimes it takes me UNTIL 4 pm to get that dollin' up done.
I've been wanting an excuse to get my act together earlier than my 18 month old does, so I can get a jump on the day. I DO feel better when I'm cleaned up first thing in the morning . . . .
It's Monday now, and I'm just reading about the challenge, so I'm a day late, but perhaps I'll go a day longer! ;)

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  1. Shannon,
    Cute post! You're not alone. I'm taking the challenge too and found you on 'the list'. We all can use help in this area. It's a blessing to have an external commitment! Have a great week.