Mom Heart Conference 2014

My littles. 

I recently went to the Mom Heart conference in Denver, CO.

 I enjoyed every minute of it -well except for maybe the panicky few minutes I spent fearing they were only going to feed us a salad for lunch on Saturday and trying to figure out how to sneak out to get something more substantial to eat - but I digress. (They served chicken too, whew!)

All of the speakers were terrific, but my favorite talk was the one Sally Clarkson gave on Friday evening. I really hope it is available to purchase soon because I could listen to it over and over and learn something new each time. 

I'm a big note-taker, but I'm afraid I didn't even take very many notes because I was so mesmerized by her passion and energy and vision of motherhood. It is beautiful. 

I did take away one thing though, that I want to share here. 

Raise your kids in a way that they want to be with you. Not just now, but in the future too. Make a home so great that they want to come back to it - that they want to be in it now. 

My sister in law and I had a conversation over the holidays about asking older women if this is as good as it gets. If this time at home with our little kids is it, then maybe we want to pay closer attention or enjoy it more. 

I think Sally did a beautiful job of answering that question for me. Not only is NOW the only time God gives us -so yes, we should enjoy it more - but NOW sets the tone for everything that comes next. NOW turns into days, which turn into weeks, which turn into months, which turn into years, which turn into a childhood. And then they are gone. Will they want to come back?

And no, you can't possibly do it alone.  But with God you can do any thing. I can do anything. 

"Build generations of people who take over the world with the kingdom of God message." Sally Clarkson Mom Heart Conference. Denver, CO 2014

The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman with her own hands tears it down. Proverbs 14:1

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  1. As an older woman, yes, stay home if possible and make memories while you can. House cleaning and laundry can wait.