Generous Children

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I caught the tail end of a popular news program last week. The host was reading letters from viewers. One woman wrote to tell him that when he gave out some information about taking donations for a cause popular at the time, her young son responded. He went into his bedroom and got his hard-earned yard chore money to donate. 

His generosity touched me. And the host, apparently. 

I think sometimes it's easier for children to be generous than it is for adults. Some cynics might say it's because they are impractical, but I think the opposite is true. 

They are very practical. They know their needs are met. Their parents provide a roof over their head, clothing on their back and food in their tummy. It's not hard to be generous under those circumstances. 

Our Father is most generous. He houses, feeds and clothes us. He provides for ALL of our needs - not just the physical. 

Wouldn't it follow that His children would be the most generous? 

In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— Ephesians 1:4

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