Happiness, a prolonged life, prosperity, favor, etc

No, this is not an infomercial. 
But, would you like to find out how to have the following? 

  •  a prolonged life 
  • prosperity 
  • favor and a good name
  • straight paths
  • healthy body
  • nourished bones 
  • barns filled to overflowing 
  • vats brimming with new wine
  •  happiness 
  • something more profitable than silver or gold 
  • something worth more than rubies
  • long life 
  • riches and honor 
  • pleasant ways
  • peaceful paths 
  • travel in safety 
  • protection from stumbling 
  • sweet sleep 
  • no fear of sudden disaster or ruin 
  • confidence 
  • be God's confidant 
  • home blessed 
  • grace and even more honor 
   Seriously. These are all promises of God for you found in my favorite chapter in Proverbs - chapter 3. Check it out. 

 Oh yeah, it's the one place I know of where the Bible encourages us to be "tree huggers" Prov. 3:18. "She is a tree of life to those who embrace her."  :)

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